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Jan 21, 2013 3:05am EST
, this was not about a hidden relationship. >> reporter: so what was this about? sara's defense team called it a modern day witch hunt. >> they're obsessed, in my humble opinion, with getting her. >> reporter: prosecutors called her a sex offender who knew what she did was wrong. >> the truth is going to come out. and i will bring it out. >> reporter: we'll go inside the case from sara's personal video journals -- >> i'm beyond terrified. >> reporter: -- to her outright denials. >> did you ever have sex with a student? >> no. >> reporter: now you'll hear from that teenage boy at the center of it all speaking exclusively to "dateline." >> when you heard the police were investigating, was it panic time? >> yes. i was a nervous wreck. i would just lay on my bed and cry. >> reporter: the juicy headlines would only skim the surface. this saga isn't just about student-teacher sex, it's about choices, sara's loyalty to the truth, parents' loyalty to their children. their choices would take them places they never wanted to go. and certainly a long way from where it all began. sara was born a
Jan 21, 2013 2:50am EST
. sara's defense lawyer, eric deeters, was ready for a fight, too. he calls himself the bulldog. >> they're obsessed, in my humble opinion, with getting her. she's a bengal cheerleader, so they have their pre conceptikpr of she thinks she's so popular, she thinks she can get away with this, we're going to show her. and they get obsessed with trying to get somebody instead of letting it go. just let it go! >> prosecutors aren't backing down. >> they will. >> you think they will. >> absolutely. i've gotten teased a little bit that i have these aces up my sleeve. >> do you? >> oh, yeah, we've got aces. >> one of them? sara jones herself. not just a client anymore. the court allowed sara to take a job working for deeters as his legal secretary. she even wrote motions for her own case. >> you've read every page in these files. >> yes. this is my life, so who is going to fight harder to save their life than yourself? >> but sara's life was in limbo. >> actually, i'm exiting my 21st week of home incarceration. >> she revealed her fears in personal video diaries for "dateline." >> every
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)